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  • Skull

    Memorie and Celabration. A Skull on me and one of my hone designs that had around 19 years old that was created (designed) and then I was able to use her as a gift to Me. This Tattoo; Skull is… [ read more ]

  • Fun Hands

    An Aesthetically beautiful approach to a thrilling action of crossing a boundary that society rarely approves of, which is the tattoo art work presented on hands.

  • Bernie Wrightson Tattoo

  • Psychedelic Buddha

    This tattoo represents the way in which I see spirituality intertwined with psychedelic experience. It also represents trust. Trust in my friend and tattoo artist Eli who I gave almost complete freedom.

  • Music Connects People

    I met majority of my friends through music and going to concerts, so I thought this tattoo would be a unique way of showing how much music means to me

  • Music Sheet Rose

    my favourite Eminem lyrics are under the rose, lyrics to a song that helped me through a lot.

  • Thigh Sugar Skull and Peonies

    On the Mexican day of the dead, decorated skulls are used to remember those you have loved and lost. To me it also represents how something considered to be unattractive (like a scary skull) can be beautiful. Peonies are my… [ read more ]

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