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  • Lion – lines and watercolor

    The lion is the representation of my father. The courage, strenght, and lidership that I inherit from him.

  • Cali Lion Girl

    I’m a fierce, strong, confident and independent girl!

  • Lionsky

    This is my own design. One and only. Combination of 3 animals.

  • Lion & Lamb Memorial

    This is a memorial piece for my father who passed away suddenly. He always talked about wanting to get a lion and lamb tattoo, but unfortunately never got a chance to get one- So, I got one for him <3… [ read more ]

  • Fresh Lion

    Got it for a couple reasons. 1 because it’s bad ass and 2 because they represent the most powerful traits one would want in themselves.

  • Lion

  • Lion with Crown

    It represents my strength with surviving everything that has happened in my life and I’m ready for what ever life throws at me.