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  • Lion of Judah

    This signifies the strength and commanding presence of Jesus as the Lion of Judah. Something to be in awe of yet to be feared.

  • king of kings

    I enjoy doing this tattoo because it symbolizes a lot of different things the king of the jungle the king of the world the King of the universethe king of all kings. Mr Grouch

  • FU

    good luck

  • Ross Kitcher – Lion tattoo

    I designed it its a Atheist tattoo

  • Lion half sleeve in progress

    It represent strength and courage. Strength represented by the lion and courage represented by the heart.

  • Love and Respect

    Symbol of my mothers personality as a strong women and the lost of my loved one.

  • Lion, represents Strength

    This tattoo is for my Grandpa Lionel. He was the only one in my family who really supported me and stuck up for me. It also represents my own personal strength for the things i have gone through in life… [ read more ]