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  • Underboobs

  • Asian Virgin

    Virgin beautiful asian lady praying.

  • Stippled Lotus

    I always loved how lotus flowers looked but I wanted something a bit unique and when my artist suggest a stippled design I was pumped. I am also a Buddhist and enjoy the symbolism a lotus has and I find… [ read more ]

  • L’épanouissement d’une fleur alors que la vie ne tient qu’a un fil

    Here’s my biggest tattoo, also my best, the artist that I chose is amazing. It’s a lotus in 2 versions, open and close, heart beating is life surrounded by string.

  • Lowrider Orange

    My right arm is in process to be labeled my beauty arm. I already have flowers on my upper arm (adding more for a sleeve) so I added the skull and flowers because whether we like to Admit or not… [ read more ]

  • Lotuses

    Lotus means “beauty rising from murky waters”. It’s been a hell of a year. Started out the beginning with a divorce, ended the year finding the true love of my life-catch is, he has less than 6 months to live…. [ read more ]

  • Lotus flower in bloom

    It goes along with the quote below it on my ribs “you must do the thing you think you cannot do”. Moved across the country alone at 18, I have been married, divirced, started a motorcycle shop, left the shop… [ read more ]

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