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  • for my husband and children

  • For Eternity Plus

    This image was on a shirt I bought in New York. I fell in love with it. I thought it would a great way to honor my mother(passed when I was 13) and my father(still alive). I changed the words… [ read more ]

  • Skull illusion

    Not everything is what it seems.

  • Love

    This tattoo is extremely important to me and has the most significance because I had my boyfriend/fiance write the quote for me. I originally wanted a movie quote from the film The Crow that was two sentences long (Ive loved… [ read more ]

  • Forever means forever

    The significance this tattoo has is showing the real meaning of forever to me, it’s two people who fell in love and even after death there still together holding each other, I love this tattoo It will some day represent… [ read more ]

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    I like my tattoos to have meaning. The meaning with this tattoo is that true love will mend a broken heart.

  • Superman Kissing Lois Lane

    This is my first tattoo. ;the original picture was wonder woman and superman;My wife has been always been my Lois Lane. So I had the artist change wonder woman to Lois hours of work.over 4 sessions ;I love Superman. my… [ read more ]