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  • wings from the heart

    This tattoo is a dedication to my grandparents who raised me .it is one of a kind free hand piece of art

  • Love

    I got this because my dad like to hunt and fish and he passed away

  • Limoore murmurr

    Each Tat is a identification of my mind

  • love

    This tattoo covers my scar from having my two amazing children

  • Passion & Dedication

    The one on my hand represents my endless, and fierce passion for music. The script on my foot is a quote for a best friend currently battling a rare heart disease.

  • Peace with Harmony

    My favorite singer, Christofer Drew, has a peace symbol on his foot and he wrote a song with his band, Never Shout Never, called Harmony. One lyric from it goes: “Peace will find us with Harmony.” When I met my… [ read more ]

  • for my husband and children

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