lower back

  • Tears of a tiger

    This is my newest addition & my favourite! Done by an amazing artist, whose an amazing man. Love the colour, & brightness!

  • Dolphin tribal with initials&year

    I designed this tattoo in high school.I perfected it and chose to use black navy blue and red as my colors.the initials are my fathers and mine.the year is the year I got the tatoo and graduated from high school.I… [ read more ]

  • Butterfly tribal

    This is my favorite tattoo and the only one I don’t regret!

  • Baby Girl

    My husband has called me BabyGirl for over 25 years…I designed it myself

  • lower bach pheonix

  • No Mercy

    It means I have no mercy for those who do not deserve it.

  • BeforeandAfterImageofTattoo

    This tattoo represents symbols of people and things significant to my life. The ‘before’ image was completed over 3 years ago by another artist and was very disjointed and had very thick black lines; I was embarrassed by it. Bubba… [ read more ]