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  • Neck Halo

    This tattoo says, “Where there is no repentance there can be no remorse.” Got that lyric from Lauryn Hill where she got it from the bible, one of my favorite singers.

  • My motto in life

    This is my second of three tattoos I have it is inspired by two Skillet songs that are my motto in life Never Surrender and Salvation cause Jesus has always been number one in my life he saved me and… [ read more ]

  • Lost in the thought of you

    It reminds me that I can get through anything!

  • Let It Be <3

    It is my first tattoo, and, I got it more as a reminder than a reference to the Beatles.

  • Have Faith In Me

    Growing up as a teen I struggled with self harm (no this isn’t going to be one of those sappy stories you see all over the web). Along with self harm i struggled to go to school, i wasnt motivated,… [ read more ]

  • Live My Life

    These lyrics of the 30 Seconds To Mars song “Closer To The Edge” really capture my look on life perfectly.

  • Lyrics for Mom

    I love this song, always makes me think of my mom.