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  • My Marilyn

    I always called my wife Marilyn. We once took my Daughter’s convertible for a spin. My wife rocked a scarf and sunglasses just like Marilyn. She is now deceased and I had this tat done in remembrance of her

  • Marilyn Monroe and James Dean

  • Marilyn Monroe

    Part of an iconic female leg sleeve

  • Marilyn vs Freedom

    I got this tattoo after getting out of a controlling relationship. Which I felt Marilyn Monroe was relatable. I can back to life when I got out. The writing is a song I heard on Sons of Anarchy called Lost… [ read more ]

  • monroe motion blur

  • Marilyn Monroe day of the dead

    My sleeve is made up of Japanese figures that I have chosen specifically to identify myself with. I believe in the beauty, art, talent, and ideology of a geisha. I am a snake in the Chinese zodiac chart, which is… [ read more ]

  • Marilyn Monroe portrait

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