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  • Captain America

  • The Amazing Spiderman Issue #75

    Growing up my family and I were poor and all my money that I made from any thing I did went to Spiderman Comics. Spiderman helped me get through some tough times. No matter what was going on, I could… [ read more ]

  • Iron Man

    I have been a big marvel fan since I was little, and Iron Man is one of my favorite characters.

  • Marvel leg sleeve

    It’s one tattoo that I have wanted for many years and never got round to having done I have always love the marvel universe so why get it tattooed

  • Wolverine vs hulk

    It’s a tattoo I have done for a client

  • Marvel/DC sleeve by Tivis Phillips at Danny’s Ancient Art in Blacksburg, Va.

    My son and i both love superheroes. I added Mr. freeze for him with his name in icy lettering.

  • Wolverine

    Always been a huge fan of the comic and character

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