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  • Hannya mask

    It represent my dark/bad side and my wisdom from my own experience

  • Unmasking

    This tattoo was my commemorative divorce tattoo. For me it symbolizes my release from a life in which I was not able to be my true self. She reminds me daily to honor who I am and never wear the… [ read more ]

  • Chest cover-up by Jeremy Temple of Electric Zombie Tattoo in Athens, PA

  • Venetian Mask

    This tattoo represents a trip to Venice and the mask brought back.

  • Progress of my Japanese style leg sleeve.

    The lotus is a beautiful flower grown in mud. Despite its surroundings it is still a beautiful flower and grows through the bad environment. The cherry blossoms are a beautiful flower that has a short window of life. They grow,… [ read more ]

  • x

  • masquerede

    This tattoo is a daily reminder to myself and others that there is always more than one side to someone. Whether it be naughty or nice, mischievous or bold; someone always has a hidden secret. I want to stand out… [ read more ]

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