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    Best friends matching

  • Skull Bows

    Something that I really wanted, and it was the first time for the artist to do this style.

  • best friends matching camel toes

    My best friend and I got them as a tribute to our shared sense of humor

  • life motto life long friend

    It has been mine and my best friends life motto since we were kids. Good or bad no matter what It’s always an adventure. Basically it means always find the silver lining and don’t take life to seriously no one… [ read more ]

  • True Love

    It represents no matter the distance or whose hand I hold- he will always be my only true love.

  • Left Thigh, angels and demons

    My mother has an angel going to the heavens. I have the reverse image; my angel is reaching to save her. I was the “miracle” child and her savior.

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