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  • Wings

    The quote and signature is family based. And the roses represent my brothers and how they see growing into strong men.

  • Realistic Medusa


  • Medusa in The water

    By Olivier Poinsignon

  • Lovely Medusa

    This tattoo is here to remind me that we must be wary of apparences always Realize by Olivier Poinsignon to Cantal in’k The Skin festival

  • MEdusa

    This tattoo found me. I was sitting there getting my a coverup on my arm and I looked up to see this huge air brushed Medusa picture. She was made into stone, I thought that was awesome and it drew… [ read more ]

  • Inked

    Hmm it’s a few, done during the last 14 years so that’s a long answer. It’s not only the actual meaning of the pictures but the times around when the tattoo was done. What you self remember, going through different… [ read more ]

  • Medusa

    I like Medusa because she was not supposed to fall in love or be married, but she did anyways. So Athena turned her into a horrible monster all because she fell in love with Poseidon. It reminds me that I… [ read more ]

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