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  • Memorial for my mom

    My mom was always a huge fan of tigger growing and she passed away from liver failure at 44, a year and a half ago so I got this tattoo for her the week after she passed.

  • Tribute to Lilly

    My daughter Lilly passed away a couple days old of a rare condition called Trisomy 18. The Lilly flower is my wifes favorite flower and her grandmothers (r.i.p.) favorite flower also. So it was fitting to name her Lilly and… [ read more ]

  • cover up by Rob Corsino a Veterans poppy for grandpa and grandmas writing

    veteran poppy memorial

  • Dog Portrait

  • HermRosinMemorial

    memorial for my great grandfather

  • Dad

    my dad sent me his favorite guitar and signed a special note to me, I took his final line and had it put on my forearm after he passed away. Means the world to me.

  • Back

    Memorial tattoo- cherry blossom is my favorite tree, represents tree of life. The three “winds” are for my aunt, grandma, and nephew who passed away.

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