• 26.2miles

    26.2 is the number of miles in a marathon. I add a star for each marathon I run. the cardinal is the symbol of a loved one who has passed on, in memory of a good friend of min. the… [ read more ]

  • Memorial

    This is a memorial for two friends who passed away together in July 2013. One of them was a triple black belt, and the other had just opened a store with his dad selling different fighting swords, and his favorite… [ read more ]

  • Memorial Tattoo

    This was a memorial piece for my brother who passed away from diabetes complications. The music note is combined with the diabetes ribbon. This signifies my brothers battle with diabetes and his love of music. The clock represents his time… [ read more ]

  • music is an expression of life

    I designed and drew the while thing myself for a very close friend and great musician who passed away

  • Sleeve

    This is in remembrance of my Cousin that passed away too young, too soon, leaving behind at the time, husband of 2 years, a 3 year old son and 6 week old daughter. I would love to be featured in… [ read more ]

  • Rest in Peace Mother

    Memorial piece for my mother that passed away 2/2013. Artist: Big Meas

  • Side Piece “Grandmother Memorial, First Tattoo”

    This tattoo was my first, which makes it already very special but this tattoo is also a memorial for my grandmother. I had wanted a tattoo for awhile, but I never imagined that this would be my first. My grandma… [ read more ]