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  • music is an expression of life

    I designed and drew the while thing myself for a very close friend and great musician who passed away

  • Sleeve

    This is in remembrance of my Cousin that passed away too young, too soon, leaving behind at the time, husband of 2 years, a 3 year old son and 6 week old daughter. I would love to be featured in… [ read more ]

  • Rest in Peace Mother

    Memorial piece for my mother that passed away 2/2013. Artist: Big Meas

  • Side Piece “Grandmother Memorial, First Tattoo”

    This tattoo was my first, which makes it already very special but this tattoo is also a memorial for my grandmother. I had wanted a tattoo for awhile, but I never imagined that this would be my first. My grandma… [ read more ]

  • Memorial Cat Trio

    I am a great lover of cats and have been all my life. In the last 2 years, I lost three of my cats – two were an adoption situation where the cats were sickly, but I took them in… [ read more ]

  • Love and Respect

    Symbol of my mothers personality as a strong women and the lost of my loved one.

  • Upper back tattoos

    They are all memorial tattoos