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  • daughters dad

    My daughters father passed away in 2011. I got it so she would always know her daddy. It is black and grey and it will be fading into color on my bicep. It’s over halfway done and the bicep only… [ read more ]

  • Paws for a hug

    I got this for my dog she’s the first one I have personally owned, have always had family dogs. I got it so when I travel and she can’t come with me that I always have her with me. When… [ read more ]

  • RPB. Forever a memory

    A very dear friend of mine, Richard Patrick Bruneau, took his own life on March 21, 2014. I have struggled with depression, self harm, and suicidal tendencies. To know that he lost his battle with depression is heart breaking and… [ read more ]

  • wolf butterfly Memorial tattoo

    My first tattoo, Memorial for a loved one that passed away, and my husky that passed away.

  • Dads handwriting

    It’s my dads handwriting from my graduation card. He passed of a heart attack at age 45

  • My Sorrow

    This was to flesh out my deep sorrow when I lost my Father. It was a part of my healing process.

  • For My Father

    In memory of my father. Cornerstone Tattoo. GA

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