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  • owl with mom’s ashes

    When my mom passed July 2013 she had 1 unfinished tattoo of an owl…. my dad used to give owls to my gma when he wanted something.. my favorite movie is labyrinth and I love the white barn owl in… [ read more ]

  • Fatal Attraction

    I got this tattoo in memory of my deceased father. It includes meaning of grief, yet hope. The women is a representation of the Virgin Mary with a righteous and sinful sides. The diamond represents forever strong. The clouds help… [ read more ]

  • Joeys’ Portrait

    My son, Joey, passed away at 22 months old on March 13th, 2013. This portrait tattoo was actually “donated” to me by my tattoo artist, Bear, when he heard the news of what happened. In thepicture it was actually drawn… [ read more ]

  • Lion & Lamb Memorial

    This is a memorial piece for my father who passed away suddenly. He always talked about wanting to get a lion and lamb tattoo, but unfortunately never got a chance to get one- So, I got one for him <3… [ read more ]

  • Kung Fu Panda

    This tattoo is for her daughter who loves the movie Kung Fu Panda. Her daughter insisted on the noodles being colored and spelling our her name.

  • daughters dad

    My daughters father passed away in 2011. I got it so she would always know her daddy. It is black and grey and it will be fading into color on my bicep. It’s over halfway done and the bicep only… [ read more ]

  • Paws for a hug

    I got this for my dog she’s the first one I have personally owned, have always had family dogs. I got it so when I travel and she can’t come with me that I always have her with me. When… [ read more ]

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