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  • Original and classic design

    Since I was a young child I was fascinated with these old school styled tattoos. Finally I have an artist that made my dream come true, having a classic old school tattoo that is an original piece.

  • day of the dead mermaid

  • Mermaid under water scene

    I love the freedom of the ocean, and the power it has. It’s beauty is endless. The bound mermaid signifies that no matter the freedom we have, something always grounds us or keeps us living in reality. The koi fish… [ read more ]

  • Mermaid

    Living at the beach, loving the water, and having a talented swimmer as a wife begged for a tattoo of a mermaid.

  • Fish Lady

    I was named after a mermaid with a unique spelling. I needed a unique mermaid to match.

  • Mermaid Paradise

    I am a diver, hence the marine theme. I also perform at pirate festivals, and renaissance fairs. (trivia, I was one of the nerdy kids that hung around with Bud Bundy, on Married with Children. Nerd no more. lol

  • Mermaid

    This is about mermaid signification, a mystic creature born to be alone, beautiful but solitary