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  • Fish Lady

    I was named after a mermaid with a unique spelling. I needed a unique mermaid to match.

  • Mermaid Paradise

    I am a diver, hence the marine theme. I also perform at pirate festivals, and renaissance fairs. (trivia, I was one of the nerdy kids that hung around with Bud Bundy, on Married with Children. Nerd no more. lol

  • Mermaid

    This is about mermaid signification, a mystic creature born to be alone, beautiful but solitary

  • Aztec Mermaid

    Beautiful mermaid to represent love for the ocean and freedom of the sea.

  • Mermaid

    I just left the navy and wanted a sea inspired piece I love the mermaid face with the shells and ship color is beautiful and it’s such an interesting take on the usual mermaid look

  • Deep sea

    It’s my first two tattoos that has been bigger than my hand other than my underboob tattoo these are my biggest my third and fourth tattoos that are for fun

  • hello sailor!


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