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  • Golf 230th Corso

    It was the first and sadly, the only unit I was able to do a tour of Iraq for. Love each and everyone of my family!

  • War

    It doesn’t…. I am the artist and I am submitting a file for you to hopefully publish in your magazine!

  • Infidel Tattoo

    In remembrance of my time in the Army while deployed to Iraq.

  • KIA Dedication

    Got this tattoo after my deployment from Iraq, my unit lost two guys while over there, so i have their names at the bottom of that tattoo as well

  • infidel

    My brother and I were deployed to Afghanistan at the same time , we’re identical twins us and all of our boys decided to get infidel on us in diffrent places to let everyone over there know how we felt

  • Back piece

    Last name on top, hometown below, and the start of a martial back piece for my friend who passed while we were on deployment in Iraq. We were tankers so hence the tank riding through a blowout city.

  • Ultimate Punisher/Soldier Tattoo

    Life is a battle, you either let it knock you down or you come back stronger than before! The punisher skull is seen often in the military as a symbol that nothing will stop us from carrying out our mission… [ read more ]

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