• Ultimate Punisher/Soldier Tattoo

    Life is a battle, you either let it knock you down or you come back stronger than before! The punisher skull is seen often in the military as a symbol that nothing will stop us from carrying out our mission… [ read more ]

  • Marine Eagle, Globe, and Anchor

    It symbolizes my greatest achievements in life

  • dedicated fallen soldier

    I went and got this tattoo done the day after one of my best friends past away. It is in his memory and it is the single most significant tattoo I have. Quintin Lopez is his name which is what… [ read more ]

  • Operation Iraqi Freedom

    This tattoo is in remembrance of my deployment with the 101st to Iraq. We went through some tough times together and we lost some good soldiers.

  • Sniper Platoon

  • Marine Corps Aviation Ordnance Symbol

    This is the symbol for the job I did in the U.S. Marine Corps, Aviation Ordnance. One of many I have planned on my back showing my personal journey while serving 8 years in the Marines.

  • Those that serve deserve…. My 1st tattoo.

    It shows my respect to all military personnel I never served. I go out of my way when I see a vet to shake their hand and Thank them.. I really believe that we all should Pay it Forward and… [ read more ]