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  • Hand tattoos

    Model – Dori Davies Tattoo artist – Will Atkins Location – Orange Park, FL

  • The call of Chtulhu

    This tattoo rapresent my kind of inspiration in poetry and all of arts. This Chtulhu is a symbol of the old and fascinating horror, narrated by Lovecraft. This is the symbol of those who want to represent their own emotions… [ read more ]

  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    I got the Dragon to compliment the phoenix over my shoulder, each has a king & queen symbolical view to me and in my life Ive had a lot of obstacles to overcome and it represents the strength I had… [ read more ]

  • Beard Ink by Vru

    Beard is sexy

  • Limoore by Frederic-D

    Limoore by Frederic-D Photography

  • Limoore by Andy G. Mutanga

    Sugar Limoore

  • Limoore by Frederik Van den Broeck

    Limoore let come spring into her heart

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