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  • icons

    Im the one who tattooed it but the gentleman was raised listning to these icons

  • Sun & Moon

    I am just head over heels in love with it! All credit goes to the wonderful Ryan Ashley Malarkey!! She tattoos at the Strange & Unusual Oddities!

  • Aztec Scared Rabbit story

    The Aztec folklore of the scared rabbit on the moon has always been a favorite of mine. My artist, Melo Salazar of Artistic Dream Tattoos in Texas City, Texas took it a step further and put the story in a… [ read more ]

  • Family Tree

    This tattoo is a future representation of my family. When it’s complete, “hanging” from each branch will be an ornament representing each of my family members.

  • Another Day

    It resembles the passing of another day, the looming factor that time is ultimately only counting down. I see the sun bringing opportunity and growth, substance and energy to further gain inspiration and drive for my passion and lust for… [ read more ]

  • fairy

    Its is what my best friend had…before she passed away so I got one

  • mi compañera

    este tatoo es para rendirle tributo al amor q tengo cn mi primo…pase lo q pase al igual q la aurora y la luna siempre voi a estar ahi para cuidarte y protegerte!

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