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  • Fur Elise

    This is a song I would always ask my mother would play for me on the piano anytime I was upset. This is dedicated to her and her date of birth will be placed above the sheet music

  • My Son

    My Heart My Soul My Life My Son GAVIN

  • mother`s tattoo

    I got this tattoo for my son

  • Mothers tattoo without color

    Got this for my two girls and I to signify my single motherhood

  • Maya

    Its my mother’s name : Maya which means Illusion, God’s power. Below is the date where she left for heaven.

  • Aurora

    This is a in-life tribute to my mother, who i lived most of my life with. Now I moved due to work and this is my way to show her how I miss her.

  • DSCF2041_ImitateHDR_1

    The birds symbolize my mother and me (her daughter). The dates on the ribbon are me and my mothers birthdays.