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  • evil dead

    I’ve loved horror movies since I first saw chucky at 2yrs old. I’ve been working on my chest/stomach/neck piece for a little over a year now cover up some old tattoos. Next session we are finishing the cabin on stomach… [ read more ]

  • Fight Club

    My favorite movie and quote from that movie and book. A reminder that we can’t let life get us down, because we’re all on the brim of insanity.

  • Kung Fu Panda

    This tattoo is for her daughter who loves the movie Kung Fu Panda. Her daughter insisted on the noodles being colored and spelling our her name.

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    Nightmare before christmas has been one of my favorite movies since i was little. Also having were simply meant to be means at al times in life were are where we need to be. Done by Amber star.

  • Alien vs Predator

    Represents my love for the Alien vs Predator movies.

  • tattoos036copy

    Love horror movies!