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  • Beautiful Pain

    I see alot of tattoos with similar ideas, such as the pheonix. I began my work at 19 (I am now 21), I have my sleeve, a partial half sleeve, and my chest piece. The throat is my newest. But… [ read more ]

  • All About The Bass Life

    I’ve been playing bass since I’m 6 years old. It’s been as much a part of my life as anything.

  • Side piece

    Represents my daughters and my hopes for them

  • Skull

    Memorie and Celabration. A Skull on me and one of my hone designs that had around 19 years old that was created (designed) and then I was able to use her as a gift to Me. This Tattoo; Skull is… [ read more ]

  • Almost Famous Tattoo by @lukalajoie

    Favorite movie of all time!

  • Andre “KAYAS” Nicklas

    All the tattoos represent something, the most significant is the tattoo on my back, its a cemetary with angels who represent the people who have died in my life. I am also a rapper so the look goes good with… [ read more ]

  • Horse with no name

    My dad who passed & his relationship with race horses,songs we enjoyed together,a moment I the desert

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