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  • Motorhead Born to Lose, Live to Win Head Tattoo

    The band, Motorhead, has been influential to me throughout my life. The band and Lemmy Kilmister have helped me through tough times as well as the best of times. Lemmy’s passing came far too soon. I have the Motorhead warpig… [ read more ]

  • my gutair

    Love it its one of my fave ones triple ace jim are the best always go there no were else

  • Soundwave

    This was the first Soundwave transformer I’ve ever done.

  • Wednesday 13 by Will Smink

    I got this done a little over a month after meeting Wednesday in January. He’s been such a huge influence on my style and way of thinking for about 10 or 11 years now, he was even more amazing in… [ read more ]

  • Music Connects People

    I met majority of my friends through music and going to concerts, so I thought this tattoo would be a unique way of showing how much music means to me

  • Music Sheet Rose

    my favourite Eminem lyrics are under the rose, lyrics to a song that helped me through a lot.

  • Eminem mural with favorite song added to bottom

    Ive been a collecter of eminem since 1997. I have an autographed mic and i wanted it on me and i wanted his face with the background of his own tat he has. Quote from 8 mile which meshes in… [ read more ]

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