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  • Andre “KAYAS” Nicklas

    All the tattoos represent something, the most significant is the tattoo on my back, its a cemetary with angels who represent the people who have died in my life. I am also a rapper so the look goes good with… [ read more ]

  • Horse with no name

    My dad who passed & his relationship with race horses,songs we enjoyed together,a moment I the desert

  • Born to Die

    This tattoo specifically represents the physical and mental abuse I suffered the last few years of my life. The understanding of “born to die” is based on the fact that truthfully everything beautiful eventually will whither away. Although only a… [ read more ]

  • Cilo

    I lost my little brother and he played any instrument.

  • Motorhead Born to Lose, Live to Win Head Tattoo

    The band, Motorhead, has been influential to me throughout my life. The band and Lemmy Kilmister have helped me through tough times as well as the best of times. Lemmy’s passing came far too soon. I have the Motorhead warpig… [ read more ]

  • my gutair

    Love it its one of my fave ones triple ace jim are the best always go there no were else

  • Soundwave

    This was the first Soundwave transformer I’ve ever done.

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