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  • Eminem mural- face with his tattoo part 1 of tattoo out of 3

    Ive been a collecter of eminem since 1997. I have an autographed mic and i wanted it on me and i wanted his face with the background of his own tat he has. Quote from 8 mile which meshes in… [ read more ]

  • Music Within

    This tattoo symbolized that music is a part of me. It always will be for the rest of my life.

  • Michael Jackson.

    He was my favourite singer and dancer. I sing and was heartbroken when he died.he was god!

  • Equalizer

  • microphone and roses

    I have sang since I was very little in choirs and bars, tried out for America’s got talent when I was very young. I got this because singing is my escape

  • Prince 2015

    My idol

  • wild music

    Its a tattoo for my daughter

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