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  • wild music

    Its a tattoo for my daughter

  • Stoner

    Im addicted to tattoo .. every time im goin through a rough time in my life i get tatted .. its a stress reliever

  • Fur Elise

    This is a song I would always ask my mother would play for me on the piano anytime I was upset. This is dedicated to her and her date of birth will be placed above the sheet music

  • Music Life

    Music is life to me. Without it i don’t know where i would be

  • remembrance tree

    This tree combines memorial pieces for loved ones I have lost.

  • Piano Tree

    It was designed for me by my amazing sister and tattooed by one of the most talented artists I know.

  • My motto in life

    This is my second of three tattoos I have it is inspired by two Skillet songs that are my motto in life Never Surrender and Salvation cause Jesus has always been number one in my life he saved me and… [ read more ]

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