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  • My kids name

    It’s my kids name

  • tatted up

    addicted to INK

  • tatted up

    addicted to INK

  • Remembrance for Grandad’s

    I lost my grandad when I was very young and he was like a dad to me and I said when I was old enough I would get a tattoo to. Remeber him by I spent ages looking and started… [ read more ]

  • ‘Mom’

    My mother means the world to me. It helps that she has a pretty name.

  • 1st Tattoo – Eastern Bluebird

    My first tattoo which I got for my kids, if you don’t see the link then look again!

  • my daughter’s name

    It is my daughter’s name. A miracle… because my doctors said I could not have babies after the accident I had… and it is on the left forearm because that was my 2nd more affected extremity in my accident… the… [ read more ]