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  • Dreamcatcher

  • Chief

    I have always had a lot of interest in Native American culture and the history. It’s always exciting to get to be apart of any piece that represents them and get to be able to learn something new each time…. [ read more ]

  • Zuni Buffalo Fetish

    The Zuni Buffalo represents endurance to overcome one’s own weaknesses. The three arrows represent past, present and future. The 2 armbands represent the warrior.

  • Pocahontas

    Sort of represents my favourite disney film pocahontas. With the chief & daughter, hummingbird, raccoon, dream catcher.

  • What lies beneathe

    My client told me the story of her very much admired family, her grandmother being one, whom struggled with illness and suffering, but maintained her beauty; her name was rose, which is why that flower was chosen. My client also… [ read more ]

  • War pony

  • Native Zombie

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