native american

  • wolf butterfly Memorial tattoo

    My first tattoo, Memorial for a loved one that passed away, and my husky that passed away.

  • wolf dream catcher

    This is my wifes latest tattoo. Tattoo was done by Sooz at mellinium tattoo in Ft Collins colorado

  • Catch My Dreams

    My Native American identity from my father’s side.

  • Native American

    At a very young age, my grandmother contacted meningitis. She survived, but it left her without the ability to speak. Art was her main form of communication. This is one of her pieces about her heritage.

  • Rose Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoo

    I got this tattoo for my parents after my dad’s thirteenth surgery, his second open heart surgery. He is 46 and my best friend. My parents mean everything to me. So I got this tattoo the rise party for my… [ read more ]

  • Native American with wolf and bear

    Karl Williams is who did this @tattoosbyhotkarl

  • Native American

    It has spiritual meaning.