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  • Native chic in top hat

  • Dream

    I was only safe behind my dream catcher.

  • Native American Hand Portrait

    This tattoo symbolizes my nationality. The roman numerals are the year my mother was born. MAZA CHANTE means “metal heart” in my tribe.

  • skull headress

  • For our late friend, Chris Danley. May he rest in peace.

    I had this done to show it to a friend of my tattooist. Just 2 days before it was fully ready, Chris Danley passed away and we hadnt been able to show it to him. Now it just means so… [ read more ]

  • wolf butterfly Memorial tattoo

    My first tattoo, Memorial for a loved one that passed away, and my husky that passed away.

  • wolf dream catcher

    This is my wifes latest tattoo. Tattoo was done by Sooz at mellinium tattoo in Ft Collins colorado

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