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  • Orca eats seal

    was just a fun concept and giving me free reign to do what i wanted on a client

  • Hungry Great White

    Ever since seeing Jaws when it was first released as a pre-teen, I developed a love for sharks (yes,I cried when they killed Jaws.) Since then I have become passionate in the conservation of all sharks. During shark week on… [ read more ]

  • strong roots

    This tattoo signifies strong roots. You have your storms but the beauty of the storm is you get beautiful days of sunshine after and you grow stronger with time.

  • tree of life

    This tattoo is significant to me because it symbolizes the tree of life. It has long roots holding its foundation up. Also it symbolizes how no matter how much of a hard ship you go through in life always have… [ read more ]

  • wild music

    Its a tattoo for my daughter

  • Native American Inspired Totem Pole Leg Piece

  • Autumn Leaves

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