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  • My Love for the Sea

    This is a large piece that is only getting bigger! It has been a vision I have had since I could comprehend what a tattoo is so it finally coming alive means a lot to me. All the pain and… [ read more ]

  • Love meets nautical

  • Ariel

    So many memories of watching the little mermaid with my grandmother and uncle, i loved it.

  • Mermaid (Forearm)

    This tattoo is the start of my pirate themed sleeve on my right arm. The mermaid represents my fiance, other parts of the sleeve when completed will represent my family and other symbols to represent parts in my life.

  • Nautical half sleeve

  • Cape cod. Home.

    Reminds me everyday of the place I love the most. Cape cod. I live in CA but will one day return.

  • Avatar

    This was actually a free tattoo I did for a client just to play with a new set of Eternal ink. We all really enjoyed the movie Avatar, so that’s what we went with. Please let me know via email… [ read more ]

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