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  • I dare you

    It’s just art. I don’t get tattoos for meanings. I get tattoos to be a canvas. My artist tells me it all relates to me (he pretty much knows me better than i do myself) and he always tells me… [ read more ]

  • lighthouse

    In the Navy so it means to always find my way home

  • unsinkable

    My grandfather was in the Navy & my parents spend a lot of time on their boats. My family keeps me grounded and help me keep my way, this is for them, my mother and step father in particular. They… [ read more ]

  • Octopus engulfing shark

    Im obsessed with all things from the sea and nautical so I adore this tattoo. I also like to be different x

  • Loose lips sink ships

    Artist: Hans Drost from Fu’s custom tattoo shop located in Charlotte, Nc.

  • old school sailor

    I saw this tattoo on the internet and just thought that it was pretty, plus it’s great way of having a tattoo of an anchor without it becoming to conventional.

  • Sailing For the Light

    I got this chest piece to go through an experience, to really get in tune with my body and express an intimate story of mine. My sleeve, is a nautical piece as well, and is almost completed to connect to… [ read more ]

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