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  • In due time

    It’s just a representation of opportunity and time! Condors are opportunistic creatures but do not settlle for gross meals they are actually very picky scavengers and the script mean in due time as well as the grandfather clock! It is… [ read more ]

  • neck piece Artist Liz Cook

    I’ve always admired the concept behind de los muertos (Day of the dead). The Celebration rather than the mourning of those passed away. Liz Cook was the perfect artist for this piece!!

  • Snowflake

    I absolutely love my new tattoo! Every snowflake is different and beautiful regardless of what that particular snowflake looks like.. To me, my neck tattoo reminds me of that. It reminds me of the beauty of just being myself. Plus,… [ read more ]

  • Neck-Mandala

  • Dead Girl

    My second favorite!

  • Phoenix neck tattoo

    Phoenix represents rising above so I rise above situations that are difficult and challenging

  • G neck tattoo

    Ever since I was little people called me G on my baseball team so I’ve been called G ever since

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