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  • Butterfly

    All my tattoos have all meanings. My neck really signifies me being pretty but I have a dark side. So my whole right arm is with bad things that symbolize my bad side. My left side symbolizes life.

  • Neck tattoo

  • Microphone by Josh Riley

  • Neck tattoo

  • Always

    This is my fandom Harry Potter Tattoo. The symbol means you can conquer death. Always means the true love, and the little five points around the symbols represent my loved ones who have died.

  • Side piece

    This tattoo is a huge cover up. Before my artist Tyler nolan out of Vatican tattoo studio is ft Lauderdale fl. The tattoo was a mess. From my neck to my hip was bad thick black lines. Butterflies that looked… [ read more ]


    This tattoo is very significant to me because it represents my mother. The Roman numerals are MCMLVII, 1957, which is my mother’s birth year.

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