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  • immigration stamp!

    I made it as a memory of my amazing exchange year in Australia

  • Tribal Phoenixes

    The phoenix is a symbol for being reborn. I designed this tattoo specifically to show that through personal struggles and pain, I am reborn into a new creative woman.

  • 37 stiches

  • doll

  • Doll

  • New School Neck Blast

    This is a tattoo I got at In to the woods art gallery in Dania beach Florida by Ryan Eternal. I am a tattooer/machine builder and I gave Ryan a picture of a machine I built and told him I… [ read more ]

  • House of Kolor Scarab

    I got this tattoo to show my love for a brand of automotive paint that I used all my life. I thinking of it as a reminder of all the late nights I spent with friends working on mini trucks.

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