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  • Three Fates

    This tattoo represents my past, present, and future. Starting on the bottom (thigh) portion of the piece, representing my past. My past is seen here as a young girl crying and confined by rope ties, this represents my struggle with… [ read more ]

  • Snowflake

    I absolutely love my new tattoo! Every snowflake is different and beautiful regardless of what that particular snowflake looks like.. To me, my neck tattoo reminds me of that. It reminds me of the beauty of just being myself. Plus,… [ read more ]

  • Lion & Lamb Memorial

    This is a memorial piece for my father who passed away suddenly. He always talked about wanting to get a lion and lamb tattoo, but unfortunately never got a chance to get one- So, I got one for him <3… [ read more ]

  • Tony Moore inspired zombie

    Reminder of what we all are.

  • Tribal Heart – Negative Space

    My tattoo is for my dad. He has tribal spanning from his mid forearm all the way across his back to his other mid forearm. I told my artist, Nate Carnesi, that I wanted a heart with tribal incorporated into… [ read more ]

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