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  • Intuitive Gypsy

    The gypsy represents my love for experiencing new things, accepting change and willingness to adapt to being out of my comfort zone. My bat represents new birth/transition.

  • Neo horse

    I was looking for a big piece to cover a bad tattoo and was over the moon when my tattooist suggested a horse and roses after we discussed a few options. My partner owns horses so it was perfect. The… [ read more ]

  • Moth

  • Hello Kitty Tattoo

    I am obsessed with Hello Kitty. I have tee shirts a blanket, a pillow, shoes, ear buds, jewlery, stuffed animals, you name it. I used to love hello kitty as a child and she just really stuck with me, and… [ read more ]

  • Space Goat

    My tattoo has a lot of significance for me, I use to paint and draw Aries women in space, and write short stories about them. When I started searching for an artist I wanted to find someone who could capture… [ read more ]

  • Muggalo

    It was a inside joke from a trip to universal and it never stops being funny how upset people get about it. It’s either they love it or they wanna find out how did it and kill them

  • Anchored

    Modify Tattoo, Tattoo by Amanda Stiles, Morristown TN 423.438.7333

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