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  • “Live Fast, Die Never”

    I got this tattoo my second year in the military. I wanted to emulate this cock-diesel mentality that I still have. On the skulls helmet, you’ll read the words, “Live Fast, Die Never.” To many kids got the “Live Fast,… [ read more ]

  • Greek Goth Sleeve

    A rebirth of myself and showing what I have passion for by wearing Greek gods and history. Nothing was more powerful and they commanded everyone to praise them. Amazing that culture followed blindly Done by Travis King @ Prophecy Ink… [ read more ]

  • beetle

    This is one of my favorite tattoos to date. I haven’t been tattooing long and I feel good about how this came out. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Orca eats seal

    was just a fun concept and giving me free reign to do what i wanted on a client

  • Veliero Ship Tattuaggio Marco Pepe Encre tattoo napoli

    Tatuaggio eseguito da Marco Pepe Encre Tattoo Napoli di veliero neotraditional in bottiglia

  • The beast

    I like to think of myself as a “lone wolf” so this symbolizes that for me.

  • hummingbird

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