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  • Scout Trooper

    Just a fun tattoo I did on a good friend.

  • “Meltdown” Godzilla vs Destoroyah

    my very first tattoo and it’s a beauty! I’ve always wanted a colorful Godzilla tattoo and boy did i get it.

  • Aliens

    Always have a warrior at your back

  • Harley Quinn Watercolor Diamonds

    I gained the nickname Harley Quinn for my nerdy-ness as well as embodiment of her.

  • Part 1 – Ryan G’s Nerd Sleeve – Beaches of Dreams

    This is my first sleeve. This image is just a part of the larger project. It sort of tells the tale of growing up. Living in a beach town. Traveling to japan. Then my journey begins, where the stars are… [ read more ]

  • Computer Arms

    I’ve been totally into computers for more than 20 years now. People usually tell me that I’m more machine than man, these tattoos show that. They are covered with hidden logos of the various technologies that I have used over… [ read more ]

  • Boba Fett

    Star Wars has been one of my favorite movie series since I was a kid and the very first character I ever knew and loved was Boba Fett. So when I decided to get a Star Wars tattoo it was… [ read more ]

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