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  • Nature Sleeve

    My leg is an underwater garden at the bottom and birds on my thigh, there are also bees on my knees and i plan to add more animals, flowers, nature scenes, and more. I’ve so far spent 2 months tattooing… [ read more ]

  • Penguin Love

    One my first date with my now wife, we went to the aquarium. As soon as we walked in, there was a penguin display and two of them were going at it. I couldn’t stop watching and laughing, and then… [ read more ]

  • Vagina Rose

    I’ve always thought rose tattoo’s looked like vagina…

  • Diamond Rose

    Done by Bob Leach! He just moved to sunny Florida from Bristol, UK

  • Juicy Tattoo ncluding Dermal Piercings.

    Expressing my sweeeeeet side.

  • Dead cosmonaut by Will Gonzalez

    I love new school and geeky stuff like space travel

  • DJ Liquik

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