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  • Electric humming bird

    This tattoo is something my artist Brian Dewitt has had drawn up for years. I saw it and wanted it immediately because it out lines the creativity I believe we should all have in life

  • Fuck It Just Smile

    The poisonous Rhododendrons on either side of the roses are to represent the beauty I create in the world and in myself, but the fatal dangers it can cause if dealt with the wrong way. The smokey roses are also… [ read more ]

  • Tattoo Machine

    Showing my love, for tattoos

  • Light Fuse

    a client came in wanting a tattoo that meant something him about getting over anger issues, we landed on a bomb with a lit fuse ready to blow

  • Color Chest Piece/Forearm

  • Honor Bound Inc

    First sleeve by Andrew Graham, close up of dragons face. First real custom work where artist had full control

  • Peacock Sleeve by Tina Gray

    This represents the changes I’ve gone through. I’ve had 10 tattoos before this one, and it was a big step for me to have one so visible. I’m a painter and love bright colors.

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