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  • Bottled heart

    I had the pleasure of doing this tattoo on a good friend at my first tattoo convention, Chicago Villian Arts tattoo convention 2016 and took 1st place medium color tattoo.

  • Buffalo Skull

    I did this tattoo on my best friend a few days ago. I’ve only been tattooing for a year and Victor Chil has been my inspiration for my work. I saw his style and used it as a reference to… [ read more ]

  • cute caique

    This tattoo was a cartoon rendition of a pet a caique that sadly passed

  • 67th Emmys

    My tattoo are telling my life

  • The call of Chtulhu

    This tattoo rapresent my kind of inspiration in poetry and all of arts. This Chtulhu is a symbol of the old and fascinating horror, narrated by Lovecraft. This is the symbol of those who want to represent their own emotions… [ read more ]

  • MissMeow LeBarbu Shamrock Tattoo

    #MissMeow #Limoore was getting tattooed by Mc Tattooer #ShamrockTattoo Super Logo #LeBarbu designed by Damien Lefert <3 #meow #leopard #Bernay #LaFrance

  • Limoore Shamrock et lebarbu

    Limoore, Shamrock et Lebarbu meow ^^

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