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  • Sally

  • jack skellington done by Tony Figueroa

  • Sally & Jack

    Hey! I just wanted to share my Sally & Jack tattoo from The Nightmare Before Christmas with you guys. Love the movie. Love the music. Love the characters. Only happy memories come to me when I think about them. Cheers!

  • Nightmare before Christmas sleeve.

    This tattoo was done because I had an extreme obsession with the nightmare before Christmas and a good friend of mine did as well. She always called me jack and I legally changed my name from “Jake” to “Jack” and… [ read more ]

  • Oogie Boogie

    One of my favourite characters from Tim Burton’s movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. TIm Burton has a lot of significance for me, so I am working on a collage dedicated to his work. So far have 4 decent sized tattoos… [ read more ]

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    This is a cover up and one of my favorite movies is NBC, its not done this is the start ūüôā

  • nightmare before christmas

    Always been a huge Tim Burton fan. Love all his movies but the characters in this one stood out the most to me. Also love Halloween.

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