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  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    My mom use to rent this movie for me at least twice a week and at one point I told my mom I lost the movie so we didn’t have to return it. She went to video matt to pay… [ read more ]

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Back

    My Nightmare Before Christmas back piece started as just a romantic pairing of Jack & Sally on my right shoulder blade… I had no idea at the time that it would slowly evolve into such an epic masterpiece! The NBC… [ read more ]

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    This sleeve was my second tattoo. My wife and I are both Tim Burton fans, so Jack and Sally naturally represent the two of us. The old-school microphone represents my love of singing and performing. On the inside of my… [ read more ]

  • jack and sally

  • Nightmare before Christmas Jack & Sally

    It represents how love and trust can be rebuilt by opening your heart to someone new.

  • Nightmare before Christmas twist

    I have always loved the Nightmare before Christmas. I never planned on getting the traditional characters because they have become so played out & common. I came across this picture where they looked bad ass & more realistic and fell… [ read more ]

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