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  • Super Mario Tattoos

    I love old school gaming and have been obsessed with super Mario bros my whole life.

  • Video Game Half Sleeve

  • Black and White Mario Bros

    I grow up with Super Mario, so I decided to make it in a different way. Tattoo by: Tiaru Tattoo – Montenegro – Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil

  • Piccolo tattoo

    This is Piccolo, the little Pixl that follows Super Paper Mario in the Wii game. He provides the characters with funky music and brings back the original jump sound from Super Mario Bros I. He brings music to my ear… [ read more ]

  • Super Mario Bros 3 music box, Nintendo

    As music is my life, and Mario my game, what better way to combine the two.

  • It’s Maaaario! Tattoo by Uriel Rangel Fernandez from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

    beginning of Leg sleeve dedicated to my kids’ favorite characters.

  • Luigi

    I am the younger brother and I had to wait my turn to play supermariobros I was always Luigi and I always pick him now

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