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  • Cover Up

    I love that its looks like a painting. It’s washes away the past for a better future.

  • Octopus Tattoo

  • Out at Sea

  • Crab

    It represent my zodiac symbol

  • Mermaid under water scene

    I love the freedom of the ocean, and the power it has. It’s beauty is endless. The bound mermaid signifies that no matter the freedom we have, something always grounds us or keeps us living in reality. The koi fish… [ read more ]

  • Sail Away

    I designated my left arm to my family and heritage; I am currently in the process of finishing this arm. I will continue to use my tattoos to tell my life story! The ship itself is representation of my immediate… [ read more ]

  • Shinner Bmx Jellyfish

    This tattoo describes who I am and how I like to live my life. I like to flow with the life also jellyfish has this electricity power that means for me that even in the darkest moments I keep calm… [ read more ]