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  • Indian tiger hearts

    For my daughter and girlfriend

  • Turtles

    sea ‚Äč‚Äčturtle is an animal which has always fascinated me, noble, elegant, strong …… these three turtles that are in the ocean and represent my family, my wife, my daughter and me in own live

  • Jose’s Sea Turtle inner bicep

    Representation of the wildlife native to his P.R home

  • 1012334_468585079892376_450697

  • IMG_1412

  • 559973_10151588769086282_12362

    I lived a block from Funtown Pier until a year before Sandy. I spent my days and nights on the sand with that pier in the background. It was my home, not just a vacation place. Through rain or shine,… [ read more ]

  • IMAG0334

    I love all the sea and all things aquatic. This tattoo of an ocean wave close to my heart signifies that attraction to the sea that I have. It is the first of several ocean/aquatic-themed tattoos that I have planned.