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  • Nintoctopus

    This Tattoo helps me focus on multiple things at the same time.

  • Grafted Octopus with skull

    I have wanted an octopus tattoo for years and I wanted to let my artist run with it. He noticed that most octopus tattoos were either the standard octopus or a skull with tentacles so he wanted to change things… [ read more ]

  • Octoclock

  • Tako

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which severely altered my hormones, and I fell into a deep depression. It affected my work, finances, and friendships. I spent a lot of time at home reading and browsing the Internet… [ read more ]

  • Blue ring octopus

    I love how beautiful and intelligent Cephalopods are. I grew up on the water, studied marine biology in college, and am now serving in the navy, so I’m definitely a water bug! This is one of my favorite wedding photos… [ read more ]

  • the kraken

    i am super drawn to the ocean, everything nautical is eye candy for me. this tattoo is a reminder to keep sailing onward even when life’s obstacles are trying to take you down.

  • Lady of the sea

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