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  • Caydon’s Octopus

  • octopus

    Favorite sea creature

  • Octopus on a feet

    It means how family, friends and people from your past sometimes can hold you back when you are trying to move forward in life, just because they do not share your ideas or desicions.

  • Sanctuary

  • Message in a Bottle

    Served in the United States Navy (vets known as squids). The at sea message in a bottles have my four children’s names in them. They are placed on my left bicep for protection and closest to my heart.

  • Octopus drowning girl

    It means don’t let your monsters drag you down and suffocate you. Don’t let your problems own you.

  • tatted asian girl

    it signifies me as a person and my personality and my Asian culture and the passion i have for art.