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  • Sanctuary

  • Message in a Bottle

    Served in the United States Navy (vets known as squids). The at sea message in a bottles have my four children’s names in them. They are placed on my left bicep for protection and closest to my heart.

  • Octopus drowning girl

    It means don’t let your monsters drag you down and suffocate you. Don’t let your problems own you.

  • tatted asian girl

    it signifies me as a person and my personality and my Asian culture and the passion i have for art.

  • custom octopus

    It was the first tattoo I won an award for, 2nd place best leg piece at the Nashville Full Moon Tattoo & Horror festival 2012 & also another 2nd place best large color at the Nashville Full Moon Tattoo &… [ read more ]

  • The Kraken

    The octopus is my favorite ocean dwelling creature and because of the following quote: The family-that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to. Dodie Smith

  • Black and grey Octopus

    Part of a complete sleeve done in only three sessions. Total detail. Awesome black and grey work. Formed and worked perfect to area.