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  • Not all who wander are lost

    The quote is a timeless classic from J. R.R. Tolkien who happens to be my favorite author. I have travelled many paths in my lifetime. Some have been geographic travels while others just emotional but this quote has always reminded… [ read more ]

  • Hosscat

    My grandfather recently passed. Hosscat was the name he gave me growing up. This tattoo is in Remembrance of him. The cat is red due to his nickname which was “red” growing up

  • Orchids ribs

    This was my first tattoo… I was 17, I became friends with a couple of the guys at Cadallic Tattoo on Rising Sun. One day I convinced my mom to sign off on the tattoo for me. The orchids represent… [ read more ]

  • Lilly’s

    My grandmothers favorite flowers are oriental Lillies. She is my person. I want to have a piece of her with me at all times.

  • Traditional eagle

    Client requested a 2nd Ammendment themed American traditional eagle.

  • For my family Key

  • Raven

    I have an addiction with pin ups. My chest is Bettie page, my arm is a pin up if bell from beauty and the beast, stomach is old school. Live traditional.

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